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Published: 22nd August 2006
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Just about everyone has acne at some time in their lives. This common skin problem has left a lot of people seeking an effective acne treatment that can be used by a wide variety of people. Pimples can occur anytime; they tend to appear on any individual and all over the place. This prompts many researchers to work towards finding the most ideal acne treatment.

One thing to consider is the intention behind the skin clearing strategy. There are various strategies for acne treatment, each with a specific purpose in mind. Two main reasons behind acne treatments are to clear breakouts and lesions from the skin and to prevent acne scars. These are the most significant motives for discovering the best approach.

The first purpose of clearing the skin from lesions and breakouts is maybe the more popular motive behind discovering the best acne treatment. One general rule is to only wash the area affected by acne twice every day. Aggressive washing can irritate the skin and make the condition worse.

Many doctors suggest a medication applied directly to the affected area. There are many topical medications intended as acne treatment. These products exfoliate the skin. The skin's uppermost layer is often covered with dead cells that can the pores. When the skin is exfoliated, the dead layer of skin is washed away, leaving a fresh new layer that is less likely to obstruct and cause acne problems.

The topical acne treatment is also planned to remove oils and bacteria that are present in pimples. The topical medicine pulls the dirt and oil out of the pores, causing the area affected by acne to improve rapidly. These medicines are also effective in decreasing inflammation associated with many acne breakouts. The reduction of redness and swelling makes the acne pimples less obvious.

After the skin is cleared, a lot of people end up with some acne scars. Another purpose for acne treatment is to avoid or even heal acne scarring. Because acne scars frequently vary in significance, the approaches vary as well. Some are quite basic while others have more impact. The individual chooses which acne treatment may be best suited, according to the significance of the scarring.

Dermabrasion is an example of a relatively simple method for treating shallow scars. The skin is massaged with a rotating brush that smooths the surface scars. The chemical peel is an acne treatment that removes scars using chemicals that remove the scarred skin.

More invasive approaches include scar excisions that remove the scar and pull the healthy skin together, and also punch grafting. Punch grafting involves removing the scar with a surgical hole-punch. The open plug where the scar originally was is replaced with a plug of new skin. With a bit of luck, an acne treatment will be designed that will eliminate the requirement for surgical approaches to acne scar removal, but for now these are very valuable for those suffering from acne scars.

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